GOVIS 2011 Connect
Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 June 2011

A conference on how State servants connect: in an emergency, with new aproaches and services, and most importantly of all, with New Zealanders, enabled by information and technology.

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Wednesday 22nd was Open Government Data Day to focus on the 'how' of opening up data for others to reuse. Organised by Open NZ in partnership with GOVIS. 

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  Monday 20th June 
8:20 Registration
8:40 Welcome from GOVIS Committee
Introduction to Lessons Learned from the Christchurch Earthquakes 
Facilitator, Jim Stuart-Black, Security and Risk Group, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
Jim lead the Rescue Teams in Christchurch and also took a rescue team to Japan.

9.10 Working together: First Response agencies
Police, Fire, Ambulance, Telecommunications

Inspector Kieren Kortegast, Southern Contact Centre Manager, NZ Police
Michael Brooke, Operations Manager, St John
Bill Butzbach, New Zealand Fire Service
Kester Gordon, Senior Advisor, ICT Policy Group, MED
Captain Jimmy Kerr, NZDF
and other presenters  to be confirmed

10.30 Morning Tea
11am Plenary session Continues
What's the risk? (seismologically)
Russ Van Dissen, Senior Earthquake Geologist and Jim Cousins, Senior Engineering Seismologist. "Its Our Fault" Project, GNS
"Getting thru" in Wellington?
Fred Mecoy, Wellington Emergency Management Office, Wellington City Council
Getting Government Thru: preparing for a major Wellington event
Panel Discussion with the presenters.

12.00 Lunch Exclusive Briefing Room: 12.15

1pm Sessions on concurrently
Oceania Room
Rangimarie 1
TelstraClear Centre
Directions and Priorities updates on Common Capability

Chair: Leanne Gibson, Government ICT Council

Overview of the Investment Fund for new Capability Initiatives: Matt Ross, Office of the GCIO

Enterprise Software Initiative. Brent Chalmers, Government ICT Supply Management Office

Divide and Conquer your User Base: Lessons from an agency trial with new devices

Craig Soutar, CIO, New Zealand Transport Agency

Earthquake Employment Support Package: Rapid Application Delivery at its Best

Jason Cribb, Project Manager, MSD Applications Team

Rangimarie 2:Workshop 1 - 1.50pm

Is Email Killing Collaboration?

Dan Randow, OnlineGroups.

Dan is focused on the use of email in organisations, and has developed a research instrument to systematically gather information about the ways that email is used for group collaboration.

1.50 Break to move between sessions
Break to Move between sessions
Exclusive Briefing Room: 1pm

2pm Directions and Priorities updates on Common ICT Capability

Chair: Leanne Gibson, Government ICT Council

Infrastructure As a Service
Greg Patchell, CIO MED

Identity Work Update
David Habershon, CIO, MSD
and Andrea Gray, Manager,
Identity Common Capability Programme, DIA

Smarter Desktop
Trudy Rankin, CIO, DOC
and Craig Soutar, CIO New Zealand Transport Agency
Introducing the IRD Business Rules Centre: Making business rules discoverable
Rata Kamau and Veronica O'Grady, Business Rules Centre, IRD discoverable data and datasets
Nadia Webster, Government Information Services, DIA
Exclusive Briefing Room: 1.40
Exclusive Briefing Room: 2.20-2.50
Afternoon Tea
3.20-3.55 Oceania Room

Working With Government: a Vendor's Peculiar Perspective

Mike O'Conner, founder and director of Catalyst IT.

How government can work with startups

Brian Calhoun, former CEO of Silverstripe

Rangimarie 1 

IP V6 Readiness in government

Rob White, Technical Specialist, Government Technology Services, DIA 

Sharing is the secret to Success - the Polytech platform for Back Office Development

Sarah Heal,
Information Leadership

Stephen M Porteners, Manager Business Information Centre, Whitiriea Polytechnic
Exclusive briefing room: 3.20 -3.50

Aura Software Security

iRisks - Threats and mitigations for using the iPad and iPhone in government

4pm Oceania Room: Closing Keynote
The new National Plan for Cybersecurity

Grant Fletcher, General Manager, Information Assurance and Cyber Policy, CGCSB
John Harvey, Programme Manager, Government Technology Services, DIA
Alan Bell, Cyber Programme Manager, Communications and IT Policy, MED

4:45 Preview of Next Day and Day One Conference closing
5pm End of Day One drinks: Angus Room, Telstra Clear Centre, Te Papa
Tuesday 21st of June
8:20 Registration
8:40 Welcome and Introductions from the Chair
Opening up Trusted Government Data: Central and Local government and private sector as partners 
James Dempsey, LINZ Customer Services Strategy Manager
Opening up Trusted Government Data: Understanding your customers' point of view
Jan Pierce: General Manager Customer Services, LINZ
Opening up Trusted Government Data: what does it mean? (slides)
 Kevin Sweeney, Geospatial Custodian, New Zealand Geospatial Office

10.00 Morning Tea sponsored by LINZ
10:30 Concurrent sessions
 Oceania Room
Rangimarie 1
Geo Mini-stream

Crisis mapping in an emergency
Eagle Technology, ECAN and EQC

The Christchurch Recovery Map
Tim McNamara 
Intra-government data sharing

"Yes, the horses have bolted"  or, "Hey, Shut the door!" (slides)
BI for policy analysis
Jason Gleason: Prophesy

Information sharing in government: a policy problem of growing importance (slides)

Brett Coombs, Policy Advisor, Public Law Group, Ministry of Justice
Exclusive Briefing Room: 10.30-11am


11.05am  - 5 minute break
Walking Access Mapping System
Mark Neeson, Walking Access Commission

Adding the visual 'where' to
Tobias Luetticke, Ministry of Justice

Experience Using Web 2.0 to Open Up Archival Data for Resuse: Graeme Hairsine, Public Records Office Victoria

Photographing the Red-Zone (slides) 
Moira Fraser
Exclusive Briefing Room: 11.10am-12.10pm

Eagle Technology
12.00 Lunch Exclusive Briefing Room: 12.20-12.50
1pm Oceania Room: Government use Of Cloud services
Chair: John Roberts, Group Manager Government Recordkeeping

Survey Results on use of Cloud by public and private sector
Marie Shroff: Privacy Commissioner:

Keeping records in the Cloud
Patrick Power, Manager Government Record Keeping Programme, Archives New Zealand
Exclusive Briefing Room: 1-1.30pm
Rangimarie 2: Workshop: 1pm to 1.50

Is Email Killing Collaboration?
Dan Randow,

Another opportunity to be at this workshop. Dan is focused on the use of email in organisations, and has developed a research instrument to systematically gather information about the ways that email is used for group collaboration.
2pm Making more government information available?
Chair: John Roberts, Group Manager, Government Recordkeeping

A freewheeling debate between Victoria University of Wellington Competition Debating teams

Followed with pithy comment and observations from presenters and attendees
Exclusive Briefing Room: 1.40 - 2.10pm

Data Service
Afternoon Tea
Oceania Room: Closing Keynote
Session Chair: Julian Carver, Seradigm

Access to Government Information: Where to from here?
Colin McDonald, Cheif Executive, Land Information New Zealand
Chair of the Information and Data Reuse Chief Executives Steering Group
4.30  Conference Closing

Open Government Data Day was held on the Wednesday following GOVIS conference.

Over the past two years, conversations around opening up government data have moved on from asking 'Why should we do this?' to asking 'How do we do this?'.

GOVIS and Open NZ teamed up to put on the Open Government Data Day. This was a free event that aimed to generate answers to the 'How?' question and strengthen connections between government agencies and the developer community.

One of the outcomes is more government datasets released in time for the Mix and Mash NZ competition that will be run in August.

What's was on the agenda?

  • Presentations from people within government agencies who have successfully opened up their data, describing the process they followed and the challenges they overcame,
  • Mini workshops/expert help sessions to answer the questions people have around opening up data (licensing, technology, business cases etc).
A group note taking exercise produced a good summary of takeaways from the audience.
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