Call for Presentations now open

The GOVIS 2015 committee invite submissions for presentations around the theme of Building Trust.

Multiple events are challenging how citizens and agencies view their relationships with each other.  What does trust mean for Information and Technology professionals within NZ government?  How will trusting relationships develop?  How can government work to build trust?  What does Building Trust mean when providing quality information and technology solutions across government?

New Zealand Data Futures Forum identifies "trust as one of the Four Guiding Principles for harnessing the economic and social power of data*:

  • transparency and openness should form the foundations on which we build trust and enhance understanding about what data is held, and how data is managed and used.
  • privacy and security are fundamental values that should be built into data frameworks and the full data life cycle.
  • data collectors, custodians and users should be accountable for responsible stewardship and should exercise a duty of care."

We invite speakers to provide insights and practical experience for how their understanding and experiences of Building Trust fits into the government scene.  Presentation content will range from the soft skills required by IT staff to build trust through to the hard practices and mechanisms that can be used to embed good practice to build, manage and sustain trust. We also look forward to submissions that explore building trust at individual / citizen end of the spectrum as well as within, and across, team and agencies.


In the true spirit of GOVIS we will look for shared stories of good practice - and the lessons learned when the practice doesn't work so well! Depending on the presentations received, we will explore the use of closed sessions that will enable more penetrating discussion of issues you might prefer to raise behind closed doors.

High profile, international keynote speakers will also be invited to GOVIS 2015 to provide maximum learning to the conference attendees in areas that lead to Building Trust.

We warmly invite you to submit a presentation, by completing the Call for Presentations Form by Friday 20 February, 2015.

The 2015 programme will offer great content, high profile international keynote speakers and lots of opportunity for networking.

* - see NZ Data Futures Forum - Harness the Power, page 10

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