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"Building Trust" Day One - Thursday June 18th





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9.00 am

Welcome from the GOVIS President

Perspectives on Building Trust from:

Hon. Peter Dunne, Minister of Internal Affairs. Building Trust from the Perspective of a Minister   

Maria Robertson, Deputy Chief Executive, Service Delivery and Operations, Department of Internal Affairs

Russell Burnard, Government Chief Privacy Officer.   


10.30 am

Morning Tea


Banqueting area

11.00 am

Trust in a (hyper) Connected World
People won’t use technology they don’t trust.  In a hyper-connected world, where computing is more personal, pervasive, mobile and cloud-based, an important question in the trust equation is: what happens to my data?

Brendon Lynch, Microsoft


12:00 pm Buffet Lunch sponsored by Prima Solutions
After the lunch break there are three breakout streams in the Te Huinga Centre
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1.00 to 1.40 pm

International Initiatives around Building Trust
Come and hear about identity-related initiatives facilitated by Governments around the world designed to build trust into their systems, enabling citizen trust in the use and protection of their information.

Whether you are focused on user experience, technical solutions, or anything in-between, there are trust building ideas for you.

They are born out of evolving standards efforts that range from softer end-user experience notions around a 'receipt' in return for giving consent for information release, 'food label' like privacy icons, and best practice around website privacy notices, to the more technical initiatives such as dynamic Trust Elevation, Trust Framework compliance, and User Managed Access for federated authorisation including delegation.

Colin Wallis, Department of Internal Affairs 

Rangimarie 1

1.00 to 1.40 pm

Taking Transparency Forward
Transparency is a common theme linked to successful personal information management across government.  By ensuring transparency in the way we manage personal information we can build citizen trust to divulge and allow sharing of their information.

Join this session to hear about real-life examples of building trust via transparency.  We will cover breach notification practices that work, transparency reporting development both internationally and in New Zealand and the establishment of effective information sharing agreements (AISAs) between agencies.

Joy Liddicoat, Office of the Privacy Commissioner Rangimarie 2

1.00 to 1.40 pm

Open Data Publishing Capacity
Trust hinges on transparency. Publishing your open data so it can be widely used is a key step to achieving transparency and trust for an organisation.

Many agencies face barriers to publishing open data for wider use. 

The good news is the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan includes an action to help agencies overcome these barriers by establishing an All-of-Government Shared Capability.  One that can be adopted to easily, affordably and effectively publish data for wider reuse.

Land Information New Zealand is working with others to lead this action and would like to share how we've put together a case for the shared capability and roll out, so that among other benefits, trust in government can be built around open data.

Jeremy Palmer, James Dempsey, LINZ Angus

1.50 to 2.30 pm

When Worlds Collide: how the future information landscape will underpin trust for all stakeholders

Our current government data and information landscape can largely be described as siloed and immature, making it hard to discover what information is available, be confident in its completeness and quality, and analyse it in ways that give valuable insights.

The future information landscape will be characterized by an ‘enterprise’ view that ensures the right information at the right quality is easily available to the right people at the right time – whether inside or external to the organisation.

At this session you will hear about the experiences of agencies already on the transformational journey and take away some practical ideas from their experience, to help you move your agency forward

Wendy Hamilton, Ministry of Justice, Alison Fleming, InfoRethink Ltd            

Rangimarie 1

1.50 to 2.30 pm

Unleashing the power of data to change lives: trust in where!

For years address data has been managed in many different, ways, in a many different systems.  Every architect has had an open book to define the way they manage address data, sometime very poorly.

Trust in address and its geospatial location is a critical enabler for unleashing the power of data.

We need to understand and define our information systems to deal with address, together with all its nuances, a whole lot better than we have previously.

Why the new urgency to do this?

Firstly, having an accurate and up-to-date contact address register is key to our ability to offer our our citizens a variety of options to efficiently provide information.

Secondly, without a standardised trusted address, we can’t link and integrate data about people and businesses.  Our ability to provide new information and add significant value to our existing data is therefore impeded.

Chris Toohey, Statistics NZ, Mike Judd, LINZ            Rangimarie 2

1.50 to 2:30 pm

From Goatskin to Digital: the evolution of authoritative legislation and its implications for trust
Access to legislation is a cornerstone of our democracy, but what does "access" mean? How do you know what you are reading is right?

Michelle will trace the journey from legislation preserved on goatskin to official online legislation, looking at what it takes to create and maintain a trusted source of legislation.

Michelle Groves, Gillian McIlraith, Parliamentary Counsel Office Angus
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3.00 to 3.40 pm

Brave new world: taking the "locks off" our information and getting the customers deep into our data

Statistics NZ has trialled a Space Time Research tool, to run a proof of concept system enabling customer access to a larger array of government data.  Customers can interrogate the data in its native format, so as to be 'using' the real data, while ensuring that the data can only be viewed after it has been confidentialised.   You will hear about the theory behind the enablement of citizen centric analytics, learn how end-users are empowered, and gain an understanding of the benefits of an open federated information ecosystem.

A demonstration of this capability will follow.

Chris Buxton, Statistics NZ



3.45 to 4.30 pm

Whittaker's - A Small Indulgence

Whittaker’s Chief Marketing Officer shares what it takes to become New Zealand’s most trusted brand.

Over the last few years Whittaker’s has ridden the wave of many controversies and has come out stronger than ever. 

What can we learn from this local chocolate heavyweight that we can use to earn the trust of our citizens?  Come to this session to hear it from an expert. Who knows there may be chocolate!

Philip Poole,  Whittaker's

4.30 pm

A final word

GOVIS President and Vice President


4:40 pm

Datacom Social Event
Datacom, the conference Premier Sponsor, and GOVIS bring you networking drinks and nibbles.

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"Building Trust" Day Two - Friday June 19th





7.15 am

WhereScape Breakfast
While you enjoy a hearty breakast listen to Chris present "Trust the data, be trusted with the data - Building a smart data and analytics strategy built on information security and privacy."

Chris LaGrange, WhereScape

Te Huinga Centre


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GOVIS Welcome to Day 2

GOVIS Vice President


9.10 am

Trust Models in Complex Digital Ecosystems
As government agencies move increasingly from direct digital channels to indirect models as an enabler of 3rd party providers through initiatives such as open data, and the exposing of API’s, how do we create and maintain trust?

A case study of how we are approaching these questions in the education sector ecosystem, which includes many different stakeholders, and a wide range of providers across a mix of physical and digital delivery mechanisms, and a generation of learners increasingly reliant on consumer trust models of reputation and relationship based trust models.

Stuart Wakefield, Ministry of Education


10:15 am Morning Tea   Banqueting area
10.45 am

Reinventing Government
Government administration must continue to reinvent itself, if it is to stay relevant to its citizens through changing times. Much of today’s commonly accepted theory of good administration is not set in stone. It is just the accepted wisdom at a single point in time against a long history of constant change and evolution. Today, digital government initiatives have already delivered significant gains in a number of countries, but this is really just the beginning. Internationally, there are now a number of clear lessons to be learned.

Kevin Noonan,  OVUM


12:00 pm

Buffet Lunch sponsored by Stellar Consulting.
After the lunch break there are three breakout streams in the Te Huinga Centre


Banqueting area

Stellar Consulting Group

1.00 to 1.40 pm

Strengthening the Foundations for Trust in Government Information Services

This presentation will demonstrate how GIS’s portfolio of products and services supports the GCIO’s vision of ‘Transforming ICT to Support Sustainably Better Public Services’ by taking a system-wide approach to improve the security, privacy and information management, and the usefulness and relevance of government’s online environment and increase public trust in government services online. 

The presentation will focus on showing how DIA’s expertise continues to improve the online environment for the public sector; and how we are working to help agencies help the public to find and use government information and services online  securely and collaboratively in a digital environment.

Laura Sommer, DIA

Rangimarie 1

1.00 to 1.40 pm

Building Trust through Transparency and Open Data
New Zealand leads the world on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Yet on a daily basis forums and comments on articles suggest mistrust in government, so we can obviously do better.

The Open Data Barometer, a global survey on open data programmes, ranked New Zealand 4th equal out of 86 countries. However it highlighted that no country in the world was good at releasing government performance and accountability information as open data. How can data help citizens, communities and businesses trust government more? What information would make a difference? How could it be made available as open data? And why make it available as open data, not just as information?

Paul Stone, Open Government Data Programme Rangimarie 2 

1.00 to 1.40 pm

Building Trust in an Open Source Cloud
Sharing the experience of building trusted cloud infrastructure in NZ using open source software - OpenStack - and open hardware.

We explore issues that had to be resolved in order to provide the NZ more choices about how to use the cloud and where to locate data and systems. We provide a case study of the impact this technology and approach have on “traditional” IT projects.

OpenStack project is driven by thousands of participants and supported by some of the largest technology companies in the world. It is defining and driving open cloud standards. These allow users of the cloud to assure themselves that standard compliant providers will not be able to lock in clients through closed protocols, services and APIs.

Raymond Morgan, LINZ, Don Christie, Catalyst IT


1.50 to 2.30 pm

ICT Assurance - how confident are you?

As the GCIO's Director ICT Assurance, Alison will share why good decision-making in government should be based on a risk/value approach, not a trust/wish reliance.  

In government business, trust is what managers generate when they have good assurance in place. Your key stakeholders will trust you if they are confident that you are good for the results you're promising. The GCIO System of ICT Assurance helps ICT managers deliver that confidence.

GCIO ICT Assurance works with agencies to provide for well-informed executive decisions and improve risk management in ICT. Alignment with the ICT system of assurance means you will be better able to operate in tune with other agencies and their management of operational risk.

Alison Schulze, DIA Rangimarie 1

1.50 to 2.30 pm

Creating Trust: changing minds

Pulling together in one strategic direction works best when trust in others is well formed and mature. Trust takes good listening, willingness to understand, intelligent contribution and mutual goodwill. But hidden silos - inside and between organisations - the ones not on the organisation chart - will always undermine us.  

Why do these silos exist and what can we do about them? Can the anchors of organisational vision, strategy and common purpose improve trust building? The speakers will outline the main types of trust, the roles that help negotiate and form trust, and relate from personal experience how trust evolves over time. 

Ros Coote, Ministry of Education, Uma Mukherjee, Consultant

Rangimarie 2

1:50 to 2:30 pm

Risk management, certification and accreditation as a vehicle for trust

This presentation will describe how a common approach to risk management and information security practices allow agencies to demonstrate to each other and relevant stakeholders that they are trust-worthy.


For example, how sharing of an agency's risk tolerance ensures visibility and understanding of risk management and culture.  Furthermore, how a uniform Certification and Accreditation process can help agencies demonstrate to each other that their systems meet certain requirements.

Katrina Banks, DIA, Jonathon Berry, Aura Information Security Angus
2:30 pm Afternoon Tea   Banqueting area

 The afternoon programme sponsor is Aura Information Security

3.00 to 4.15 pm

Trust at the Speed of Light!

A series of 7 minute lightning talks designed to change your world.

Speakers are being confirmed



4.15 pm

A final word or two....

GOVIS President and Vice President Oceania

4.30 pm onwards

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