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Safety in the palm of your hand: Nicole Botherway, Andrea McDonald

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New Zealanders love the water and spend considerable leisure time on, in and under it. Imagine the challenge of developing a mobile application with different rules in each area of the marine space. The presenters tell the story of how a prototype started by Waikato RC became a jointly-funded national initiative for local and central government, achieving 17,000 downloads in the first six months.
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0.00 Nicole: What started it all?
3.50 Getting traction: agency collaboration and what made it successful
6.16 Andrea: the LINZ vision: 'The power of where'.Take opportunities to do a short sharp test to build the case to make longer-term changes to agency systems.
13.30 What Marine Mate does
15.21 Video about MarieMate
21.12 The public's response, measuring success
29.00 - 41.10 Audience questions.

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