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How to build user-friendly digital services: Andrew Lamb: Part 1

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Andrew Lamb, Digitalworks Europe/Pacific Andrew will explain and illustrate through stories which stakeholders really matter, success criteria you should focus on, and how to test a service in ways that will save you money. In Part 1, Andrew challenges conventional thinking and describes an online services framework that lays out the basics of what really matters and sets you up to succeed. 0.00 Matt Mansell introduces Andrew 1.45 Andrew describes the research and experiences behind the talk today. 9.00 What does 70% of transactions online really mean? 13:19 Framework for user centred service design – Trigger, Search, Content, Transaction, User requirements x7; and Uptake. 29.44 Three outcomes of evaluating a service with the Framework: Service creates problems; service provides no benefits; service is useful. 33.45 Introduces Live demo of the framework; Evaluating school-finder service from ERO. Part 2 continues at

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