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How to build user-friendly digital services: Andrew Lamb: Part 2

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Andrew Lamb, Digitalworks Europe/Pacific In this half of the presentation Andrew talks about the practical steps for simple and low cost user-testing, why it is powerful and why changing our behaviour matters if we are going to meet the Result 10 target. 0.00 Gather evidence: what does the user want to know? 6.20 Live demo. First fail: findability. Partial fail: completion 20.50 Skype chat with Sarah Richards, former Head of Content Design for the Government Digital Service - (some sound track echo for first 3 minutes). Aim to user test everything, every two weeks. Agile methods, just a small multidisciplinary team, co-located. 32.20 Rescue with low cost user-testing 38.50 - 50Min. Conclusion: So why do *you* build online services? Our behaviour matters. Part 1 is here if you missed it

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