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Currently GOVIS members can join five GOVIS listservs on Yahoogroups - a general forum and forums for different professional interests. The platform we use will be changing but a final decision has not yet been made about this.

Uma at GOVIS 2010

Attendee at GOVIS 2013 - Share. Image source: GOVIS Inc.


Who can join?

All staff in a GOVIS member agency are eligible to join the GOVIS discussion forum/s. We trust you will find it useful to join and get updates and notices. Forums are not busy and will not overflow your inbox. We welcome posts on events, topics and questions that will be of interest to other GOVIS members.

Please resubscribe if you move to another GOVIS member agency so you will continue to receive emails. Please unsubscribe if you leave government.


If you are not getting messages check your spam/junk folder. Please make sure you add as a trusted sender, in your work email  setup.

Contacts for questions

You can contact these GOVIS people directly with any questions.

email: Rebecca Schasching
email: Mick Crouch

Forum Changes coming up

GOVIS is looking to move off Yahoogroups and run the forums here on this site. This is partly because in the last year or so agency email-filters have started to block the Yahoogroups domain. We are running trials and if successful you will get plenty of notice before any forums are migrated.


How do I join a forum?

It is easy to join. Send a blank email from your work account to one or more of the addresses below

  1. - Everyone should join this one!
  2. (Information Management)
  3. (Information Technology)
  4. (Security)
  5. (Web)

Once you have been approved by a moderator, you can post.

I have joined a forum - how do I send a message to it?

To post a message, send an email message from your work account to the appropriate forum (general queries, notices and invites)  (Information management (Information technology) (Security) (Web)

All posts are sent to your work email account.

If you click on "Reply", this means "Reply to entire forum". Use the author's email address if you only want to communicate to that person.

You can also use the forums on Yahoogroups to view the history, post and make replies. Just log in first (note this means setting up a Yahoo ID).

How do I unsubscribe?

Send a blank email from your work account addressed to the forums you want to leave. You will be automatically unsubscribed.

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