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Compounding organisational learning - the key to digital success. Part 1.

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Presenter: Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Ovum
Link to Steve's slides
As the rate of technology change accelerates the most important question for senior executives is “how fast are we learning?” Disruptive digital technologies create an imperative for action and also the means to enable agencies to adapt and learn more quickly. The days of big high-cost and high-risk project experiments are over as organisations increasingly compound their organisational learning in the digital government age.
In Part 2. Steve will present the new things others are trying, what is working, and how you can emulate and do more of it.
0.0 Matt Mansell introduces Steve
4.00 The problem: government IT not speedy and seen as failure
14.15 …but Daniel Smihula’s research shows technology waves accelerating...
18.20 ... Government stuck in the old rules, long costly cycles of learning...
23.38 … so how can government get unstuck? Find out what works and do more of it
31.00 Three Lessons 1. Just buy what already works because what already works has already developed the virtuous cycle at a level of scale by compounding the small gains; 2. Cloud may appear to be a shared service but in fact it supplies separate services to organisations off the back of a common, stable, well tested, centralised capability; 3.Government can learn to ask ‘what is already available that can help me?
(Continues in Part 2

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