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Compounding organisational learning, the key to digital success. Part 2.

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Presenter: Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Ovum
Link to Steve's slides

0.0 Platform +Agile = Innovation and Learning. We need ways to debate cloud technology ‘fit’ with the business and run large projects in small learning cycles. Need good safe places to start this process though.

10.30 Summary of key points.

11.50 Innovative exploring → more money, more use→ government demand/purchasing → more safe and trustworthy onshore S.a.a.S providers for government → innovative exploring →…repeat...
14.00 Audience Q and A: has too much agency funding slowed down cloud adoption? Is this more of the plan-do-act iteration model? Who needs to know about this change? What might an assurance-learning cycle in government look like? (Needs to balance outcomes and risks).
29.43 Ends.

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