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How to deliver projects at pace: Phil Jacklin and Brian Carson

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Phil Jacklin, Fujitsu and Brian Carson, Kiwibank
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Speed-response projects consume all the resources and fall short on value. Pace is 'Velocity made good' in project terms. It means finding more reliable ways to get project value and benefits.

2.07 Why speed is less desirable than pace.
5.30 How to build in 'pace discipline' up-front in project initiation
8.45 Execute at pace; small, independent, consecutive projects
11.26 Manage pace - remove bottlenecks in project methods
13.12 Have the courage to simplify requirements
18.41 'Kill switches' defined so project knows when to stop
20.22 Myth-busting; find time/cost gains from within the project.
23.50 Pace 'triangle' - Pace/transparency/collaboration
26.24 Make decisions at latest possible time using best information
30.38 More pace, less pressure - reduce resistance
31.29 Stop, check for lessons learned and direction.
33.40 Wrap up; audience question on re-boosting team confidence.

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