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SmartGate Plus: the next generation automated border

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Presenters: Julien Thomas, Customs & William Knight, Assurity.
Just video, no slides for this presentation
SmartGate + automated border crossing gates used a successful proof of concept for three months last year.
Software development took a small team 5 months. Final acceptance testing was delivered early, on budget and had unprecedented quality. Sounds too good to be true? Hear for yourself why this project was so successful and seeded a foundation for rapid development in later projects.

0.00: Introductions, session overview, audience warm-up, complexity of IT,
7.45: Problems impacting Customs technical delivery
13min: Goals: SmartGate next-gen & Dev. Team maturity
19.10: The one symptom that wouldn’t resolve; ideas of Advic Gojko
24.50: Release Day success and two lessons learned
29min: Revising the action plan for continuous improvement
37min So what happened when they put it into practice?
42.00-49.39: Questions

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