Membership FAQ

  • The Primary Contact

The person named in the application form (for joining GOVIS) will be regarded as the "main contact" by us. We prefer if you provide more than one contact name in case people leave your organisation. Names are not disclosed to any other party.

  • When do invoices get sent out?

An invoice is automatically sent to the last known agency contact on the anniversay of joining. Contact the GOVIS Treasurer if you have not received the invoice and we wil resend it, addressed to you .

  • How is the membership fee set?

The membership fee is discussed at each Annual General Meeting in September. Changing the fee requires a successful resolution at the AGM. The fee has not increased for more than a decade.

  • I am signing up for Conference but I am not sure if we are current members?

If you are requesting "member" rates for conference, please check of agency members. Your organisation is still a member while on this list.

  • How do we end membership of GOVIS?

Organisations wishing to discontinue their membership must do so in writing/by email to the GOVIS Secretary as required by the GOVIS Constitution.

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